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About us

Welcome to DecaEmotion – the art of emotional design


Unique in form, material and workmanship – design icons oft he 21st century.


You love a design classic for the rest of your life. A good design is timeless, unobstrusive and yet not boring – it effortlessly enters into a symbiosis with the most diverse living styles.


Inspired by designers such as Charles &Ray Eames, who broke the prevailing conventions, DecaEmotion is always on the lookout for the design classic that meets the zeitgeist and understands how to arouse positive feelings and emotions – just like our home country Italy.


The DecaEmotion is a dealer from the greater Zurich area of Switzerland. Our motivation is the cooperation and distribution of designers who realize our vision of elegance and design.


Zed Experience is a brand that excellentlz combines Italianità, simple, contemporary and functional design – the art of emotional design.

About us

Über uns


Customized living & Cooking experience


Customized Kitchen


Flexible, individual design options made to measure for zour personal dream kitchen.


Various high-quality materials are available on request.


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Customized kitchen

Tamara De Bin
CEO & Founder   
Tel: +41 76 338 82 62

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